Thanks for stoppin' by! Here at All The Small Thangs, our goal is to give you and your little the utmost country cred as early as possible. What better way to start than learnin' about what makes country, well - country?
Our new country music alphabet book makes reading time fun and entertaining for both parents and their kids.
"Some of the greatest adventures I've ever been on have included books or country music. Country music has always told a story and I wanted to write my own." 
While undergoing some fertility struggles and preparing to have a family of my own, I saw an opportunity to teach our youngest generation about the most genuine music out there. I would rather teach my future children about lovin' your ma, goin' fishin' with your pa, good down home cookin', and the importance of hard work. And that's how Country to the T was born. 
We hope y'all stay awhile and learn a thang or two!
-Sarah, Founder All The Small Thangs
Well, for one, I'm a real person! (Oh, hi!) I actually do a happy dance with the sale of each book. I wrote the book myself with the help of my husband, spending long hours, a few choice words, and a lot of prayer to make it happen! 
Because I do a happy dance with purchase of each book, I boot scoot it as fast as I can to ship it to you! 
Shoot us an email: hello@allthesmallthangs.com and we'll sit down and chat!